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Since my last journal post, I have conducted my final interview for this story on the rock climbing and how its entered mainstream health and wellness in San Diego. The interview took place inside of…


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They believe to understand the world

Photo by Arek Socha — Pixabay free

If some behavior is not appropriate, they do everything to make it similar to their one, without considering the differences, indeed annihilating them.

People must be just copies of themselves.

They have endemic insecurity combined with the inability to understand the complexity and its facets.

Living in a closed world they don’t have perturbations and they refuse to be questioned, they are not hitten by uncertainties as they own the truth.

Democrats, radical chic who want to change the world, but only in words. Republicans pursuing no change under the sun, forever.

They are not surprised by their actions, but by those of others, they have no faults, but only good intentions… always on the right side.

They feel quite right despite the facts.

Surprised that their good intentions are not welcomed, despite all their fervor, and they do not answer questions because it is not mandatory to do so, not for them.

They don’t understand the context, talking without being able to listen… enjoying their ranting.

Victims of their dullness.

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